Learn Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Developed over 350 years ago, Northern Praying Mantis integrates the most exemplary methods from the masters of 17 different styles and incorporates long and short range methods, agile footwork, striking, kicking, grappling, locking, body conditioning, and takedowns into rapid fire combination attacks and defense. We cover the entire range of fundamental methods, theory, and application.

Wong Long, a Ming Dynasty patriot, founded the Praying Mantis School of Kung Fu. While studying at the Shaolin temple, Wong regularly challenged but could not defeat his senior classmate,
the abbot. During the abbot’s absence for a 3 year trip, Wong gained inspiration by watching a Praying Mantis in mortal combat with a locust. After studying the insect, Wong Long improved his technique and developed 12 principles for attack and defense. Upon the abbot’s return, Wong Long defeated him using his new insights. The abbot then helped Wong Long to incorporate the agility of monkey footwork. Together they continued to improve and refine the Praying Mantis System.